Resources for Gleaning Groups

1. The Toolkit

What is in this toolkit?

This toolkit is the ‘How To’ resource for setting up gleaning in your area and organising the gleaning day itself. You and your community group will be responsible for reaching out to farmers, recruiting volunteers and organising the redistribution of the food that you glean. Once these connections are made with farmers, the gleaning opportunities will hopefully present themselves year after year, providing the farmer with the means to redistribute their surplus and the community a chance to directly connect to their food system, as well redirecting food to those in need.

This toolkit will provide you with all the information you need to successfully set up and run community led gleaning in your region, and also includes checklists to guide you through the key steps and actions of a gleaning day.

Food Waste Fact

Up to 5 million tonnes of food is wasted on farms every year (WRAP 2019)

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