Resources for setting up and developing your Gleaning group

Resources and grants for setting up and developing your gleaning group


England: Thanks to funding from the National Lottery Community Fund,  we are able to offer funding to support the set up and development of groups in England. Before applying, please read our Funding Criteria here.

To apply for funding in England, please fill in our England application form here.

Scotland: Thanks to the Lady Eda Jardine Trust, we are able to support the set up and development of groups in Scotland. 

To apply for Funding in Scotland, please fill in our Scotland application form here

Please email for more information, or if you have any further questions.


The following resources come from our recent Gleaning Training for Communities (Aug / Sept 2020). All participants have consented to the public sharing of these videos. 

Click here for the four training videos

Week 1: Why Gleaning Matters in 2020 – View slideshow here

It will introduce you to the necessity and the fun of gleaning and the role it can play in reducing farm level food waste, supplying wholesale volumes of fresh produce to organisations supporting people in food insecurity in 2020.

Week 2: Working with Volunteers and Sharing Out The Food with Charmaine Fyffe from KheperaView slideshow here

The ‘how to’s of gleaning, including recruiting, managing and safe supervision of volunteers, and the practical and logistical aspects of distributing the food.

Week 3: Working Well with Farms. With Pete Thompson from George Thompsons Ltd Holt FarmView slideshow here

How to build trusting relationships with farmers, including how to introduce your group to commercial growers, and some insights into the pressures farms currently face and how gleaning fits with that.

Week 4: Creating a Strong Group and Network. With Semble. – View slideshow here

Supporting your organisation to get its gleaning operation established and ready to rock, including ways that you can build your volunteer network, obtain funding and strengthen your group.

Click here  to view the gleaning process flow chart on MIRO

Click here  to view the week 1-4 notes in MIRO

Click here for Semble’s slideshow ‘Funding Options and Support for Gleaning Groups (see this also in the Week 4 video where they talk through the slides. 

Click here for Gleaning Covid-19 Risk Assessment summary

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