Resources for setting up and developing your Gleaning group

Is Gleaning for Me?

Do you live close to farms where fruit or vegetables are grown?

‘Close’ being a distance you personally are willing to travel!

Are you part of a local community group?

Do you know, or would be able to recruit, a keen group of volunteers who’d be willing to harvest surplus produce?

Do you know of projects or organisations who would be able to receive the gleaned produce?

Do you have some time in your weekly schedule to set up gleaning activities and organise gleaning days??

This again is all relative to how much time you individually, or as a group,  are able to set aside. Initially, you will need a little more time to set up your hub but once it has been established, the gleaning days will take less and less organisation time.

Your Responses

If you live close to farms but do not have access to volunteers or redistribution networks, our toolkit will provide you with key information on how to access these groups.

If you don’t live near enough to farms who grow fruit or veg, gleaning may not be for you. However, that is not to say your food saving endeavours are over before they have begun. There are many other ways you can get involved with preventing food waste, including: urban harvesting (many urban areas are abundant with fruit trees that never get harvested) or food redistribution (there are likely lots of volunteering opportunities at some of our ally organisations all over the country).

If it is a case of not having enough time, regional gleaning is a project that could easily be shared amongst a group of people with a common interest (it’s perfect for existing community groups). Have a read of our toolkit to better understand the process and to see how you could share out the tasks.


It sounds like you have everything in place to start setting up your gleaning hub! Have a read through of our toolkit to better understand the mechanisms for setting up your hub and running a gleaning day.

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