Resources for setting up and developing your Gleaning group
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Welcome to The Gleaning Handbook

Why Glean?

Communities are leading the way in gleaning food from local farms across the UK.

Gleaning offers an opportunity for straightforward environmental and social wins- food waste on farms is reduced and supply of fresh food to those in need is increased.

Click on ‘Resources for developing your Gleaning group’ on the left of this page to access the training videos, funding information and other resources. Also use the map and of course the Toolkit to guide you along the way. 

**All training has been updated to comply with Covid-19 guidelines**

About the Gleaning Network

The Gleaning Network is a network of groups, organisations, farmers, charities and keen volunteers who are all working to reduce farm-level food waste. The Gleaning Network exists to bring together and empower communities, enabling them to salvage surplus food left on farms; food which can then be redistributed within the local area.

This site provides the tools and resources for groups and individuals who wish to get involved in gleaning – either through volunteering with an existing group, or by setting-up a new gleaning project in your region.

Go Gleaning Are you a farmer with surplus? Get in touch to see how you can help.
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